2-4 Boundary Street,
London E2 7DD
020 7729 1051

All of the breads and baked goods that you can buy and sample at Albion are made on the premises from scratch. The choice of breads range from classic sour dough, in several sizes and shapes, to English bloomers and French baguettes. There are seed and herb breads, multi-grains, fruit breads, Mediterranean-style breads and many more. Alongside the extensive range of breads, each day the team bake a quintessentially Parisian croissant (Matthieu is from Paris), pain au chocolat, pain aux raisin, Danish pastries and various other Viennoiserie. Furthermore, later in the day, the special stone-base ovens are busy with several styles of fougasse, sausage rolls and cheese straws, and a range of seasonally changing morning and lunchtime snacks.

Like the bakery, all of the cakes and pastry items that you can find at Albion are made from scratch on the premises. We never buy-in any pre or part-made pastry items.

The cake table and counter include a combination of perennials and seasonal delights. The perennials are mostly recognisable classics like carrot cake, fruit cake, Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle cake, caramels, custard tarts and similar. The seasonal specials take advantage of the available fruit, with strawberry tart a speciality. At Easter, Simnel cake is very popular, and Stollen is always in request just before Christmas. Of course, you can also expect a choice of chocolate cakes.

To sate those looking for something more contemporary, there are cupcakes, macaroons and whoopie pies. And the over-sized biscuits, including an 8-inch-diameter Jammie Dodger, amuse both adults and children.

The pastry chefs are happy to take orders for whole cakes and tarts, or arrange a special celebration cake according to your precise requirements.

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